Art and Design from a web designers point of view

The basic difference between an art and a design is purpose. An art is a portrayal of the imagination of the artist which arises from his feelings, views and opinions. But a designer has to mix art with purpose so that he can deliver something which exists already but for a purpose. The purpose here is to motivate the audience and capture their attention so that something can be sold and some information can be delivered effectively. Art can be interpreted by the audience in whichever way they want to but design has to reach the audience with the exact message delivered and interpreted by the target audience. Every good art conveys the message differently to all its viewers but a good design convey the same message to everyone.

Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye. It’s a few tricks to the brain.
Neville Brody

The key to a great design lies in the imagination of the designer. The power to visualize and imagine every minute details of an idea and then converting it into a stunning design which conveys the exact message to the audience, is what make one designer stand out against their competitors. Design is a skill that combines art with discipline and purpose. Therefore, great designers are those who have mastered this skill and deliver according to the demand.