5 Essential Elements of Modern Website Design

Modern Website design is a relative expression. The thing we see most is that modern website design doesn’t require or advantage from a huge amount of fancy odds and ends. The more straightforward and clean the better the client experience is. Here are the five key components of modern website design.

1. Limit Colour Use

This may sound simple, however shading plans and shading decisions are imperative with regards to modern web design. The number of colors you incorporate in your modern design is an important aspect. Excessively numerous colors turn out to be outwardly diverting, so most modern website designs decide on just 2, or at the most 3 in their real plan components. You won’t discover a rainbow of colors, only one foundation shading (white or dark) and one noteworthy accent shading (silver, yellow and blue, individually). Streamlining the shading plan of your Site makes it less demanding to decide and this is the reason there are just negligible shading mixes in the present-day Website designs.

2. A lot of White Space

Google is straightforward yet powerful. This obliges the last current website Design component, however something many refer to as “white space,” is also very attractive. It doesn’t necessarily even need to be white, rather, white space is a term utilized for the measure of “unfilled” space – i.e. margin between your content and the edge of your screen, and buffers between the elements on your page. Things ought to have space to move around, if your Website is crowded, it is difficult to direct the attention of your website visitor’s eye.

3. Clean Backend Coding

This modern website design element is one that you won’t notice visually, but rather one that is likely the most imperative with regards to the functionality of your Site. Behind each Website there is a lot of coding in the backend that will direct how your website performs.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) seo services qatar

There are modern website design elements that can greatly improve the Search Engine Optimization of your site. A lot of these are invisible to the naked eye and also appear in the backend coding of your pages and posts. There are design tricks like meta tags, title tags, heading tags and other HTML code that can go a long way in helping your site climb the ranks of Google’s search engine.

5. Transformation Elements: Calls-To-Action

As we discussed before, transforming the website visitors into leads and customers is equally vital to the modern website design – and here’s the reason: Websites are intended to connect you with the people who are interested in your content and offerings. In order to make such association with your website visitors, you need to develop bonding with these visitors through your website & marketing content.

Things like email subscription form, free downloadable e-books or whitepapers, free product forms, free consultation or different invites are incredible suggestions to take action. These should be incorporated into your modern website design and are imperative for social event the contact information of your visitor so you can proceed with discussions with them as leads and change over them into customers.

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Complete Website Audit

Included in the website audit are a variety of analyses that will target specific areas needing improvement. The Website Analysis is based on a variety of software based tests that determine any problems and code errors that might be creating road blocks to complying with search engine requirements. The Social Media Analysis reviews current social media campaigns and how successfully a brand is being represented. The Website Usability Analysis examines a website for ease of use by the consumer and where fixes may be needed. The Competitor Analysis focuses on creating a list of keywords and links being used by competitors to increase web ranking.
Our Internet Marketing Plans-


  • Start Getting Found Online
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Set up & Optimization
  • Google Analytics Set up & Customization
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting


  • Generate Valuable Leads Online
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Set up & Optimization
  • Google Analytics Set up & Customization
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Google Adwords Management


  • Establish Your Brand Authority
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Set up & Optimization
  • Google Analytics Set up & Customization
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Advanced Google Analytics Analysis
  • Online Visitor Interaction Analysis
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Marketing Channel Analysis and Optimization

Custom Plans-

Social Media Package

Depending on your needs, a strategy & setup package can help you:

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy tailored to your target customers, sales process, and business goals
  • Identify metrics for determining the effectiveness of your social media activity
  • Identify social media influencers in your industry
  • Identify opportunities for engaging with influencers, prospects, and customers
  • Setup, brand, and optimize your company’s social media accounts

All monthly social media packages include:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • 2-3 person content & social media team
  • Social media management & monitoring
  • Blogging & news post creation
  • Monthly team strategy session & activity schedule
  • Monthly or Quarterly reporting

Social media add-ons available:

  • Custom Facebook Apps
  • Contests
  • sweepstakes
  • coupons
  • Custom training sessions
  • LinkedIn Profile setup for executive team
  • Facebook & LinkedIn advertising
  • Video production

Pay Per Click Package

Our Google-certified online campaign analysts can help prevent costly mistakes by configuring and optimizing your campaigns to make sure your budget is being used wisely.

Depending on your needs, a strategy & setup package can help you:

  • Develop a pay per click marketing strategy tailored to your target customers, sales process, and business goals
  • Identify metrics for determining the effectiveness of your pay-per-click activity
  • Research & identify recommended keywords & phrases for your ad campaigns
  • Review your current website analytics & visitor behavior
  • Setup and optimize your accounts
  • Setup your initial ad campaigns and landing pages

All monthly pay-per-click packages include:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • PPC monitoring & optimization
  • Industry-specific search market research
  • Monthly strategy session & campaign schedule
  • Monthly or Quarterly reporting

Pay-per-click add-ons available:

  • Custom Ad Extensions: Sitelinks, Mobile App, Social, Product & more
  • Click to call campaigns
  • Call tracking
  • Custom designed display advertisements
  • Custom designed landing pages
  • A/B testing for conversions

Inbound Marketing Package

Depending on your needs, a strategy & setup package can help you:

  • Develop an integrated marketing strategy tailored to your target customers, sales process, and business goals
  • Identify metrics for determining the effectiveness of your inbound marketing activity
  • Setup and optimize your social media & pay-per-click accounts
  • Get your website ready to be transformed into a lead generation machine – with content offers, calls-to-action, and targeted landing pages to convert visitors to customers
  • Design email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns to guide your prospects down your sales funnel

All inbound marketing packages include:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • 4-5 person inbound marketing team
  • Inbound activities customized to your business goals
  • Social media management & monitoring
  • Blogging & news post creation
  • Content offer creation & landing page configuration
  • Email marketing & lead nurturing campaigns
  • Monthly team strategy session & activity scheduleMonthly or Quarterly reporting

Inbound marketing add-ons available:

  • Logo and brand development
  • Print & marketing collateral design
  • Video production
  • Website design & development
  • A/B Testing for Conversions
  • Custom corporate training sessions

About the Company

ColorCuboid (colorcuboid.com) is a creative design & development agency based in Bangalore, India. We transform brands and grow businesses. We are strategists, designers, producers who share a passion of creating great ideas and transforming them to engaging, intelligent, and innovative digital experiences. We are a diverse agency, creating websites, viral campaigns, digital applications, marketing campaigns, PPC management, mobile app development ,branding activities and just about anything else that takes advantage of digital technology.
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Some opensource alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop provides a host of features for photographers, graphic artists, and web designers providing professional solutions. However, the price can be a big hindrance while opting for Adobe Photoshop. ROI of a Photoshop License is given a lot of importance by people opting for it. Alternative options for Photoshop are mostly opensource and provide many of the same functionalities of using Adobe Photoshop.


GIMP stands for “GNU image manipulation program”, and it is one of the oldest and most well known alternative option to Photoshop in existence. Although it doesn’t quite have all of them, you’ll find most of the features included in Photoshop somewhere in GIMP. It works on any operating system and focuses on photo retouching, image authoring and image composition.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint offers users a powerful range of tools and features for adjusting images and creating unique images. Users of offline pixel based image editors like Photoshop will very quickly feel at home when using Sumo Paint.

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is a web-based photo-editing software that has a similar Photoshop CS user interface with functional features such as layers, filters, magic wand, styling, texting and many more. Pixlr Editor works with a Flash plugin in your browser.


PhotoScape is highly user-friendly and has an endless choice of projects to select from, like for example, image editing and GIF creation to a wizard to combine pictures together or take screenshots. It can do many things with a single click or two, many of the same things that Photoshop user will require several clicks to do.


Another very layer friendly site, Splashup comes in two flavors, one for more advanced editing including working with multiple image and pixel level control and light flavor for casual editing.


Phoenix from Aviary is an excellent web based tool. Aviary also offers several other image tools. It has some really cool collaborative features and the ability to import and open an image from a URL, which is a pretty cool feature. It also supports many keyboard commands such as Command+D to deselect, etc. Overall it is pretty easy to use.

The race to become the best open source image editor is getting tougher as more and more options are coming into the market offering much more functionalities then the last release. If your favorite isn’t on the list – why don’t you tell us about it in the comments?

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Google Glasses- Bringing Wearable Computing to the forefront

Google released a new video on Google Glass, which is now out of its project phase and ready to be released as a beta product.


Taking photos, recording videos, looking up answers on Google, showing reminders (such as for a flight) and sharing whatever you’re looking at(and many more features) either via messaging or through a Google+ Hangout, that’s what Google Glass is all about. Google Glass will also have an automatic picture-taking mode, snapping pics at a preset intervals (such as every 5 seconds).

Its only time that will judge how Google glasses will be able to adapt to day to day activities of users. As, everything you see will be seen by Google Glasses and the ability to process so much information will be something to look forward to. Also, impact of Google Glass on eye sight provides a grim picture.  Google is working on adaptable glasses that can be worn over normal spectacles or goggles for that matter.

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Design Platform Options for Effective Website

Building an impressive web site takes work, whether you love to code or don’t know the first thing about it. There are lots of tools which aim to make creating a site easier, but no single option fits everyone’s needs. Online website builders usually require their users to sign up with the web hosting company. The range of services varies widely between creating basic personal websites or widgets to making e-commerce websites. These sites are usually either template based or on more flexible platforms which are totally design-free. Here’s a list of top web-design platforms available-


Squarespace tops the rankings when it comes to ease of use. Sites are incredibly simple to build via the well-designed default templates. These templates are customisable, even if you don’t know how to code, and they’re minimal enough that a few changes will give your site a unique look. Seasoned coders get an even larger amount of flexibility. Anyone can use it, and it will teach you how it works the first time you sign in. Squarespace offers so many beautiful templates that you’ll have a difficult time making a choice.


WordPress has been the CMS of choice for many bloggers and web site creators for years.WordPress is an open source project with an enormous user base and developer community. Not only is the platform easy to use when creating sites, if there’s something it can’t do out of the box you’ll usually be able to find a plug-in (or 20) that solves the problem.


Webnode is a free and easy website builder. It is simple, free, and on-line. Users can also use their own domain. Webnode is ideal for one’s site and e-shop as it has hundreds of modern templates are tailored to everybody’s personal needs.


SnapPages is a simple “drag-drop-done” web page builder with professionally designed website templates that are easily customizable. One may also create their own template so that they would not end up with another cookie-cutter website. SnapPages is flexible regardless of the website usage for an organization, small business, or personal use.

350 Pages

350 Pages allows website building within minutes with hundreds of professional designs, no technical skills requirement, and a drag-and-drop-objects interface. Users will also be able to sell theur products online using e-commerce features from 350 Pages.


Blink is suitable for those who are interested in creating professional website that sells without technical programming or web design skills. Users may easily accept credit card payments from their website and will be able to work from any corner of the world. There is no need of purchasing expensive web design software. Everyone can create an unlimited number of websites with simple drag-and-drop functionality.


HyperWebEnable offers an absolutely free website with your own domain name. Various add-on scripts can also be added to your blog. Users will also be able to make money with their website via monetize. Additionally, HyperWebEnable provides unlimited webspace to host your website with unlimited bandwith, technical support via email for your website, tips to improve page traffic and rank, free domain renewal, and advertisements on the blog.

The service you choose will always come down to the needs of the site you’re creating. Even if you really like one of the services we have discussed here, remember that the next site you create may work better with a different tool. Choose wisely for the best results and you’ll create a site that you’re proud of.

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Web Presence and Branding Solutions by ColorCuboid launched!

ColorCuboid is a venture of Carmatec IT Solutions which is in its 9th year of operations as a premium IT solutions provider, delivering service across the globe. In the past Carmatec has undertaken and successfully completed numerous Web Development and Web Design Projects with a 100% Customer Satisfaction. Businesses have always praised and recognised Carmatec for delivering them with the best possible work, which has helped them achieve new horizons in their sales and brand value. With this experience, expertise and passion to deliver the best, Carmatec has now given a new name to its Web Development and Design division, “ColorCuboid”.

ColorCuboid as a leading web design and mobile app development company proves to be one place where anyone can come see our work and order from us. This brand has been established with an eye to provide a wide variety of custom Design and Web Development services to our clients. We aim at providing a flexible, desired and appropriate service delivery for the assignment entrusted upon us. “Your wish our command.” is our motto and we will in no way refrain from striving forward to deliver your desired end product which caters to all your requirements and expectation. So come hire services from us and let us help you take your business and brand to a whole new level.