Time Spent- One of the all-time favorite marketing metric

Time-spent metric tells you how much time a visitor has spent on your website from the moment they enter the home page (or whichever page they start their visit from) to the moment they close the tab or window your site is on. This can be a good or a bad indicator, depending on how you look at it. It may tell you that your site is interesting enough to warrant long periods of browsing and reading. But this will depend on the type of website as some websites require longer time spent on the site while others do not need that much time to make an impact. Also, when a visitor spends in inordinate amount of time on your site it may be an indication that your site is confusing and the person cannot find what they are looking for.

Why is it important?

A high time spent on a website can mean-

  • Users find your content and website valuable
  • Your website is user friendly and easy to use
  • Your website has good amount of useful information

Sometimes, it can also mean that your website is little bit confusing to the user and he faces difficulty in navigating to the page/service/information he is looking for. It’s very important that, you define the following key segments in your analytics tool and gauge the Navigation, Search, page engagement behavior of these visitors:


• Visitors who spent less than 60 seconds

• Visitors who spent less than 180 seconds

• Visitors who spent between 180 and 300 seconds

• Visitors who spent between 300 and 600 seconds

• Visitors who spent between 600 and 900 seconds


Acquisition metrics are good indicators of how your marketing efforts are performing as they show how many people are reaching your website. If your goal is to create as much awareness as possible of your organization, the new visitors vs. returning visitors metric may be extremely important. If you are a location-based business and using an analytics tool like Google Analytics, you will also be able to see where the visitors to your site are located to make sure you are targeting users in the correct location. “Referring Sources” can also be looked at to see which websites are driving you traffic or whether they are arriving to your site via search engines. Although for many businesses the goal of their website will be to convert, a close eye should be kept on these acquisition metrics as it is likely that the more traffic a website receives will ultimately result in more sales or leads generated.


Start with a SEO strategy for your website

Experienced and skilled Search Engine Optimizer looks for each small and big things such as domain name, URLs, Images, Hosting, Meta tags etc. Here the first point is “Domain and URLs”. Domain name is the first impression for any business or website. Relevant and catchy domain names are easy to remember and so that to make a big brand like Google, Yahoo, Digg etc. A well defined domain name can provide tremendous advantage in getting top online position in Search Engines. There are many factors in Domains and URLs which can effect your Search Engine optimization.

Domain Name  

Suppose your business is about health, medicine, hospital etc then using words like “pharmacy”, “drug”, “pharma” “health” “medi” etc in the domain names are always better. And so if your business is about hosting and words like “domain”, “host”, “hosting” can easily indicates the niche of the business.

Domain Extensions

Domain extensions like .in, .co.uk, .ca etc indicates about your country and region. Extensions like.org, .edu, etc indicates the type of business. If you are an UK based company or have business in UK then having extension .co.uk can tell this easily. And people can easily understand this. Using extensions like .edu tells that website or business is about Education and .gov for government.

Using .com extension is always better and most of people remember it easily. Many of them don’t know about .co, .uk, .in or .ca.

Domain Length

Length of domain name makes difference. If the length is more then it’s nearly impossible to remember them. Domain name mustn’t cross the number of 10-15 characters. After the name there comes extension so total it’s 20 characters long domain is good. For SEO point of view include the best keyword in the domain name for better SEO success. For an SEO company domain like seocompanyca.com or seo-elite.com are always better.


One of the biggest thing is that your domain must behave like a brand. Using keywords and all other things can make it ugly. So use keywords and extension wisely to make a professional brand.

Symbols and Numbers in Domain

First thing try to avoid using numbers or symbols in the domain name. Hyphen (-) is SEO friendly so if the domain name is longer than 10-15 characters then use hyphen between the words.

Domain Age

Aged of the domain plays a vital role in Search Engine Rankings. Aged domains are trusted for search engines. So doing Search Engine Optimization on a aged domain will give more importance rather than a new domain.


Hosting is another factor. Dedicating hosting is always better. By sharing an IP with many other websites and blogs you’ll lose a bit of your own identity in front of search engines. By getting a dedicated IP you’ll be on your own, safe as long as you act fair.

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Benefits of Content Marketing Strategy for your Business

Content marketing is becoming much more than just a buzzword in the Internet marketing and SEO industries. Content marketing is a somewhat vast term that underscores a effective strategy to showcase business on the Web. In short, building outstanding content (whether in form of a video, article, blog post, or infographic) and marketing that content (whether through YouTube, StumbleUpon, or Facebook) provides a appropriate, cost-effective way to link with target audiences.

Even though content marketing provides plenty of benefits (some of which is currently extremely hard to monitor) there are 3 main advantages that your organization can realize:

Inbounding Visitors to Your Website
Developing Brand Recognition via Engagement
Creating Organic Link Reputation for SEO

Inbound Visitors to Your Website
One particular function of content marketing is to  bring inbound traffic to your website. This type of website traffic is one of a kind structured on the previous amount of interaction that users encounter. As long as you incorporate the right calls to action, the visitors that engage with your content will be far more likely to check out your website.

Developing Brand Recognition via Engagement
As the origins to inbound traffic, the viewers involvement with your content is what powers the connection. Here, high quality and relevance are of critical importance. Any content you post is a depiction of your company and its brand. Be innovative, but in a decent context that associates to your focus industry.

Creating Organic Link Reputation for SEO
When individuals link to good content it can generate a specific level of authority. The major measure of authority is generally between a range of 1-10 based on Google’s “PageRank” system. So a website with a PageRank (PR) 6 is regarded to be of very very high authority in comparison to a moderate PR 3. From a SEO perspective, if a website has a greater level of authority then the outbound links coming from that website will be much more effective.

So what does this signify in terms of content marketing? Consider your outstanding piece of content as a link resource for SEO. Through virtually any type of content, whether video, document or graphic, you can develop links back to your website. It’s thus important to have a cohesive content marketing strategy that brings it all together.

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A Framework for businesses to manage and minimize risk in Online Presence

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Web Equity Infographic

Aromal Rajagopal is the CEO of Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, which is the parent company of ColorCuboid Designs. When he is at work his passion lies in helping businesses realize value in their pursuits. During leisure his interests are photography, design, art, travel and making a difference to the world where we all live in.

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Essential Components of a successful Web Presence and Web Development Plan

Internet today

As internet is being widely adopted, using website as a tool for achieving business goals s  getting popular. At the end of 2011 the user base has grown to 2.2Bn, up from mere 16Mn at the wake of 1995. Among this large population, United States leads the pack in terms of internet penetration at  78.6%, followed by Australia and Europe at 67.5% and 61.3% respectively. (source: internetworldstats.com).  It’s a matter of fact that today and in the coming years web presence is extremely important for anyone who wants to communicate to a large audience in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

How to have efficient web presence that is goal oriented and reaches the target audience?

At a very broad level the main components to see results in your endeavor in establishing a web presence turns out to be, Compelling content and communication that “Connects” with your target audience. Content that is original, informative and hence engaging to the end user is of utmost priority. A good amount of time needs to be spent in this area to generate a communication framework that your audience can relate to.

Presentation of the content, through a website that is developed with User Experience given as paramount goal for the web design/development team will take the entire effort to a new level of fulfillment. A good design and Standards Oriented Implementation goes a long way in ensuring that users spend more time on your website. This is a critical point which is considered by many search engines to send traffic to your website and based on the time spent by the user on your site send more who are looking for similar content. This works as a feedback loop and better the content more visitors who are relevant would be visiting your website.  Further content has to be arranged, made accessible and communication sequenced in such a way as to attain business goals that ranges from brand building, a sale or signing up the newsletter.

Standards Compliant Websites are very important as it ensure that websites are displayed in the intended way to the users, as well as are easier to be parsed by search engines which can be one of the primary sources of traffic to the website.  Web development should be done by experienced hands who understands and keep themselves abreast in the ever changing world of technology used for web site design.  The web is quickly progressing to a standard compliant system where website code will be strictly checked for errors. Poorly coded websites have very good chances of going obsolete due to non-compliance to standards.  Hence it’s a wise idea to ensure that all your webpages are validated at w3c, which is the reference body for HTML (language used for website development) to ensure compliance. The validator can be found at, validator.w3.org.

To summarize, Quality content, standards compliant websites, user experience and  being goal oriented are the main components of a successful web presence strategy.
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Aromal Rajagopal is the CEO of Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, which is the parent company of ColorCuboid Designs. When he is at work his passion lies in helping businesses realize value in their pursuits. During leisure his interests are photography, design, art, travel and making a difference to the world where we all live in.

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