Essential Components of a successful Web Presence and Web Development Plan

Internet today

As internet is being widely adopted, using website as a tool for achieving business goals s  getting popular. At the end of 2011 the user base has grown to 2.2Bn, up from mere 16Mn at the wake of 1995. Among this large population, United States leads the pack in terms of internet penetration at  78.6%, followed by Australia and Europe at 67.5% and 61.3% respectively. (source:  It’s a matter of fact that today and in the coming years web presence is extremely important for anyone who wants to communicate to a large audience in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

How to have efficient web presence that is goal oriented and reaches the target audience?

At a very broad level the main components to see results in your endeavor in establishing a web presence turns out to be, Compelling content and communication that “Connects” with your target audience. Content that is original, informative and hence engaging to the end user is of utmost priority. A good amount of time needs to be spent in this area to generate a communication framework that your audience can relate to.

Presentation of the content, through a website that is developed with User Experience given as paramount goal for the web design/development team will take the entire effort to a new level of fulfillment. A good design and Standards Oriented Implementation goes a long way in ensuring that users spend more time on your website. This is a critical point which is considered by many search engines to send traffic to your website and based on the time spent by the user on your site send more who are looking for similar content. This works as a feedback loop and better the content more visitors who are relevant would be visiting your website.  Further content has to be arranged, made accessible and communication sequenced in such a way as to attain business goals that ranges from brand building, a sale or signing up the newsletter.

Standards Compliant Websites are very important as it ensure that websites are displayed in the intended way to the users, as well as are easier to be parsed by search engines which can be one of the primary sources of traffic to the website.  Web development should be done by experienced hands who understands and keep themselves abreast in the ever changing world of technology used for web site design.  The web is quickly progressing to a standard compliant system where website code will be strictly checked for errors. Poorly coded websites have very good chances of going obsolete due to non-compliance to standards.  Hence it’s a wise idea to ensure that all your webpages are validated at w3c, which is the reference body for HTML (language used for website development) to ensure compliance. The validator can be found at,

To summarize, Quality content, standards compliant websites, user experience and  being goal oriented are the main components of a successful web presence strategy.
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