Privacy policy

The following points describe the privacy and confidentiality policies that are applicable to all information exchange that happens through this website and all communication that takes place subsequent to contact established via this website.

Collection of information :

We may collect specific information regarding you such as your name, contact information, details regarding your organization, information relevant to your hosting support needs and various other information that our web forms may request you to furnish. Additionally, we may also collect your IP address and relevant details of your computer environment (OS, browser identification etc).

Using collected information :

We may use your information to contact you from time to time in order to inform you of our service offerings, special offers, promotions, and other relevant material that may be of promotional relevance. We will follow accepted standards and ethics in such communications, providing you with clear and easy instructions to unsubscribe in case you don’t wish to continue receiving such material from us in the future.

Privacy of information :

We will maintain the privacy of your information and ensure it is never divulged to any outside party. No one aside from InstaCarma’s designated representatives will have access to your information.

Security of information :

We will ensure the security of your information by maintaining them in very secure environments which are protected by robust security procedures.

Confidentiality of information sent to you by us :

We treat your information as confidential and similarly expect you to maintain utmost confidentiality regarding all information disseminated to you during exchanges via this website and all subsequent exchanges arising from it irrespective of the channels and means adopted for such communication. All information provided to you during the course of such communication is strictly confidential and proprietary information of Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Any communication sent from our organization to you is prepared solely for you, your organization and its authorized representatives. The recipients of such communication are not permitted to use it for any other purpose other than for evaluating the information for their own needs and/or that of their organization. Unauthorized dissemination, distribution, or copying of the content in such correspondence is strictly prohibited.