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Small Business Website Trends

Technology is changing daily and many things that used to be difficult are becoming much more effortless. This is the case in Small Business Web Design. The web is not a democratic place regarding findability on search engines, and a structured, planned approach is required for small businesses when they approach their website design project. A myriad of questions come to the mind of the small business owner, and this post intends to clear most of the queries. Colorcuboid has more than a decade of experience working with small business owners to identify their small website design objectives, which are often linked to their business objectives. 

Small businesses, by definition, deliver to a small area of geography and is primarily a local business. In some government classifications, any business with less than a certain number of revenue and employees is also termed as a small business. For this sake, we will take the local businesses as a priority and, when possible, cover out-of-local services where the customer is looking for someone who can offer the services remotely. An example is the case of website design which can be done anywhere in the world. 

So one of the primary considerations we need to consider to set the scope for small business web design is the budget. The budget is also a function of return on investment on the project. So that brings us to what could be an excellent small business website design objective. 

Small business website design objectives could be as follows.

  1. Clearly explain to the customer what their business is.
  2. Be findable on local search queries on google when the customer. Looks for the services that small business offers. 
  3. Able to generate leads from the website.
  4. Have a way for customers to book services directly on the website.
  5. Showcase pricing and contributes to the customer.
  6. If it’s a store, add e-commerce functionality to enable faster sales.

Calculate ROI ( Return on Investment for Small Business Websites)

Let’s take a hypothetical case of a business selling laptops.

  1. The average revenue per customer per year – is $1000
  2. Margin per laptop – 20% – $1000 x 20% = $200.
  3. Total leads available per year – 2000
  4. Let us consider a leads conversion rate of 20%, so 400 customers.
  5. Total revenue – $400,000 
  6. Total Profit at 20% – $80000

In a scenario like this, the business can easily accommodate a spend of $3000 for a website. 

Technologies that are available for small business website development.

  1. 43% of the website of the world run on WordPress as per Kinsta ( So, WordPress definitely becomes one of the choices for web development while considering a small business website. Read our blog post on Why WordPress is the top platform for website design here. (add the link here)
  2. Other popular platforms are Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, as shown below.
  3. There are online websites that offer to host and a small web application to edit and create pages, all hosted as a single application along with templates – is an example.

In this article, we shall focus on WordPress due to the wide variety of features that could help a small business have a full-blown web presence. A strong web presence could catapult their business to be in a position that helps it to continously be in touch with their customers via quality content, feedback and new services. 

Mobile First 

We spend a lot of time on mobile devices and are always on the move. Its imprerative that todays customer looks up for a service from his mobile phone and it could start from google maps with nearby queries or in google looking for a solution to a problem they are facing. Hence google also gives a lot of preference to how sound a website is designed to show up in the required structure and speed on mobile browsers. Ensuring mobile compatibility is called responsive web design and is a mobile-first strategy. All your website pages should be mobile-ready and should have images and text and layout optimized to show up in the best possible way.

Conquer the search results with an SEO-optimised Small Business Website.

SEO starts from search query analysis and the intent of the searcher. It is an excellent point to start analyzing the market pulse and how aligned your services are. You can start with the standard search terms the customers are using and could also take the support of online SEO optimization platforms such as ahrefs ( and SEMRush ( .

An in-depth keyword search activity will uncover many ranking opportunities to drive your website’s free organic traffic. This is the time to have a content writer who understands key SEO metrics and how to write articles that cater to the user’s search intent. This is a very key step.

Google uses more than 200+ metrics of a website while considering ranking from millions of websites available in its database. A good hosting account that can offer a quality hosting environment is a place to start. Many hosters provide WordPress optimized hosting environments. Do contact us for any free recommendations you need to identify the best small business website hosting company.

Today’s websites all live in a generation called web 3.0 where websites collaborate with technologies such as AI, block chain etc, adding lot of value to the end customer. It is good to use platforms like wordpress that helps a small business adapt new features as quickly as adding a plugin and configuring the same to add a new feature to the website

Google services of google analytics, google search console and google Adwords have become staples to generating quality leads from the website for any small business. Google Analytics gives rich data on customer behavior and how your website presence is evolving over a while. How much time they spent on pages also offers critical insights into how close you are in achieving your business objectives.

Last but not least, small business website design is a continuous process of setting up, measuring, optimizing, rolling out, and making incremental changes, for more details talk to our web experts.

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