Going mobile- The new age of mobile web design

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The new age of mobile web design


Today there’s no doubt that mobile devices are having and will continue to have an impact on web browsing, especially when it comes to online interaction between businesses and consumers. For your site to work well on a mobile handset, it must follow the accessibility design guidelines for building mobile Websites which are set by the W3C. In mobile phones, the technology called the WAP is used for browsing. Because of the limitations of WAP browsers in terms of screen size and allowable download, you will need to strip down your current design. The easiest way to build your mobile Website is to modify your existing Internet site to make it compatible for mobile handsets. If you decide to do so, expect that there will be big changes in terms of layout, design and construction. Some of these are-


Design, content and more-

Leverage the intuitive power of touch UI by minimizing interface chrome (buttons, tab bars, checkboxes, sliders and so on) wherever possible and putting your content on the space available. Responsiveness is of prime importance when dealing with design for a website based to be run on mobile devices. If your user does something, your app needs to acknowledge the interaction instantly.  Avoid scrolling. I can assure you that ‘below the fold’ exists for mobile. Also, having a non-scrolling screen has a more solid and dependable ‘feel’ than a scrolling view because it’s more predictable.


As for general website design, you can have a large screen size of 14 or more bur for mobile, you have limited size which users can see to view your website. So designing mobile website, size should be the main concern and you must arrange and placed things which are most important and which are most needed.


You must have to consider mobile device properly. What resolution, common screen size, the way they can access the website. Touch screen phones doesn’t have much problem viewing website from different view whereas for mobile devices with keypad, it has one single button to access and view different portion of website. You must think about this while designing the layout.


The file or object you use for mobile websites, must be compressed one and can be loaded quickly without making the extra load on the viewer’s GPRS plan.  The website should be prepared in a way that promotes thumb use. According to a recent survey, mobile internet users use their thumbs for browsing through websites. So create a website that is “thumb friendly”. Also, typing stinks even on the best devices, so you should do what you can to make it easier for your users.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider before designing and building a mobile website. The principles of mobile design are different than those of conventional Web site design. If you do not have the time or patience to learn new coding practices, then consider hiring a firm that specializes in mobile Web site design. ColorCuboid as a leading web design & mobile app development company offers complete mobile web design and development solution to clients across the globe. Contact us today!

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