The importance of Reputation Management

Individuals and companies around the world are becoming more and more aware of the way in which they are perceived by others and how people feel about them. Many people believe that the reputation of an organization is just as important as the quality of services or products offered by the organization – and some would argue that the reputation of a company is actually more important than the actual product or service.

In addition to monitoring the web for new occurrences of your brand name in real-time, an online reputation manager will also come up with a plan to clean up search engine results and reach out to unsatisfied customers. Part SEO and part public relations, your reputation manager needs to know his or her way around the web, understand search engine behavior and have the personality and social skills to represent you in a professional manner.

For this reason, companies should consider investing in a team of professionals that specialize in reputation management to oversee that the character and ethics of the company are what they are perceived to be or in the case of a crisis to take proper action. The company will also be equipped with skills in order to build lasting relationships and increase their brand awareness and perception thereof by managing their reputation.

You may opt for a PR/social media marketing firm, a freelancer or an in-house, full time employee to handle your reputation management. Search any online job board for “Public Relations Manager” or “Community Manager” and reputation management is likely one of the listed responsibilities.

Defamatory content can, if properly optimized, make its way to the top of the search engine results and ruin its subject, be that a Fortune 500 company or a single person. Search engines rank by relevancy and not by quality. Therefore, lies and misinformation can be spread just as easily as honest concern or complaint.

This is why online reputation management is important. It serves as a defense to negative and defamatory content against your company. In the past few years a number of companies have been built with the sole purpose of online reputation management.  The general idea of which is to control what the potential customers see.

Opt for Reputation management now as it provides marketing stability, protects against unchecked defamation, and most importantly, allows a company to “put its best face forward” in the online world.
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