Magento Vs osCommerce

Magento offers innumerable benefits that are prominent for survival of any business, and hence has become a preferred choice for ecommerce website development. The multi-store facility and multiple shopping option of Magento facilitates website owners to handle multiple number of store’s using a single admin panel. Magento development provides an excellent platform for development of wide range of applications, simple to complex and dynamic. The simple and easily navigable interface makes it easy for the customers to shop for the products of their choices. The various optimization features will help you offer your visitors great shopping experience which in turn will keep them coming for more.

When it comes to e commerce and shopping cart software, osCommerce was amongst the leading software in the market. However, since the launch of Magento, developers are gradually shifting towards Magento, causing a dramatic change in the software scenario around the world. With the introduction of Magento, it seems that osCommerce is beginning to fade away. Even a Google search engine trend reveals that osCommerce is lagging behind Magento, which comes at the top of the list.
Some of the reasons why Magento is being preferred over oscommerce are as follows-

  • Magento is like osCommerce plus all the sophistication. It includes all osCommerce features along with a variety of add on modules. With Magento, developers can even setup multiple stores using the same products while quoting different prices.
  • As far as software quality goes, osCommerce is very cumbersome to use and is extremely outdated, leaving no possibility for updates. This has proved to be a hindrance for developers who have found that Magento is regularly updated and fixed for bugs.
  • Magento allows developers to install default templates without any hindrance, while it’s pretty difficult to install a default template using osCommerce. Another advantage of Magento is that it is capable of being used on mobile devices.
  • With Magento, it is possible to use cleaner codes. The user interface is extremely brilliant as well. With osCommerce, the codes are comparatively bulky.

All in all, Magento’s flexibility has won the hearts of developers while osCommerce is still difficult to work with despite being there for so many years on the market. But, all said, Magento still has some disadvantages of its own ( Not a comparison to osCommerce). These are-

It runs PHP

The Magento application can consume gigabytes of RAM during heavy processes, and PHP often simply cannot handle the load, regardless of how much hardware is thrown at it.

It tends to be slow

This is particularly on smaller, single servers. This is mitigated by more powerful servers and caching layers.Magento also builds indices of large amounts of data and compiles this data into flattened tables for performance.


From a user/admin standpoint, it’s complicated. You can do lot of things out-of-the-box, but most of the time, the way to do them is not obvious. For example, products have a one-to-many relationship with categories, and although they are typically presented hierarchically on a store’s front end, categories and products are not “nested” in a traditional tree-like sense. This means you might have one product in multiple, independent and completely unrelated categories, potentially even different stores or websites altogether, powered by one Magento platform.

All said, the advantages of Magento, simple dwarf away its minor flaws.Feature rich, attractive and customizable online store is a dream of every entrepreneur. Magento can really change this dream into reality. Magento is feature rich, has eye catching design and is fully customizable. In today’s business world, competition is increasing day by day and everyone wants to be on top. Most of the entrepreneurs are changing their existing store to Magento as it is more flexible and provides variety of other features beneficial for online business. When are you shifting to Magento?

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