Turn “Likes” into profit- the Facebook way of doing business

image courtesy- hal9000.ie
image courtesy- hal9000.ie

Facebook is rapidly becoming the hottest site in all of online land. It recently crossed the 1 Billion mark, that means 1 out of every 7 people in the world uses Facebook! At the moment Facebook is the second best rated web page. Facebook is a global sensation; therefore as an entrepreneur you are able to connect to the globe in terms of availability to market segments. Small number of individuals understand the great benefit of Facebook as a method of promotion to many individuals. Most individuals use Facebook to hook up with family and friends. Organizations are utilizing Facebook and are making the most of the advantages. In case your enterprise isn’t engaging in Facebook promotion, you’re dropping out on options. Some of the tips I can suggest to efficiently use facebook for your business growth are-

Identify Your Viewer

Who are the people you want to be a part of your Facebook group, and what are the reasons that will make them want to join? These concerns need to be cleared before you jump in. Where are your viewers spending their time online? What are their main interests? Realizing who you are promoting to is the vital aspect in developing your technique, so you better make no mistakes.

Maintain an Active Profile 24/7

Post updates every day and as often as possible and maintain a very active profile. It’s fine to tell customers about your newest products , but don’t try overselling it. Your Facebook page is about maintaining a conversation and building interest in your brand. Post non-promotional items at times. Comment on a funny news story or a new gadget release, for example. Share data with your followers by means of posting pics and hyperlinks that are related to products and new updates in your field. Ask customers to send in stories and to post photos and videos of them using your product, if appropriate. Utilizing these strategies, you can get acquainted with what occurs in your consumers heads.

Applications to the rescue

There are a lot of crazy apps that you can use to promote yourself. You can even develop one of your own if your budget allows that. The application should have a clear call to action, so that new people could easily get engaged. If the application has some kind of a High Score feature, people will play it again and again till they outrank their friends.You should use the apps for sweepstakes and giveaways – people love freebies!

Use links everywhere

Once you have a website, you put its address everywhere – e-mail signatures, forum signatures, twitter info, LinkedIn profile, links section of your blog. Do exactly the same with your Facebook page. Highlight your Facebook presence at offline events, print it on your business card, use every opportunity you have.

Active use of Videos

Almost every video sharing service allows you to annotate your videos with links. This is a great way to drive some new fans onto your Facebook page. You can make viral videos, funny videos, tutorials, explanations, presentations and include a link to your Facebook page with a request to join. Works like magic!

The most amazing things about Facebook marketing in my opinion is that all of this, or at least the vast majority of this reaching of new markets can be done completely free of charge. No one will charge you to make your Facebook page; no one will charge you for putting up pictures, advertising your products or communicating with your customers. The world of Facebook marketing is yours for the taking. What are you waiting for?

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