Ways to develop cross-platform desktop apps with PHP

So far, we have been creating only the web-applications using PHP but with the growing usage of PHP-GTK, we are now also able to develop cross-platform desktop applications using PHP. By ‘Desktop applications’, we mean the applications that are neither dependent on webservers such as IIS, Apache, nor on the web browsers. At present, JAVA and .Net are using the same technology wherein using virtual machine, these can optimize the code, execute according to the respective platforms. With PHP however, you will be able to work more independently and plan focally towards desktop presence to develop better cross platform apps representing your individual business needs. So, now we can build cross-platform desktop applications using PHP as well, with the help of PHP-GTK.
We can download the version of PHP-GTK currently in use from http://gtk.php.net/download.php
Nightrain is compatible with different PHP frameworks and applications which is still in process. So, in the near future, we can expect to be able to incorporate more features and aspects for developing complex applications. However, managing to work with it can also be a bit challenging for beginners or amateur developers.
WXPHP, also said to be the ‘wxWidgets for PHP’ is referred to as the PHP extension. Multi-platform desktop applications can be developed using the existing graphical components with various platforms. Using WXPHP, you do not build a regular website the way you do generally but you rather actually bring together different wx widgets from the library and put them to work for you, while working online. WXPHP helps you create your cross platform Desktop Application with the least technicalities involved and doing the least amount of experiment.
TideSDK is different from both the optioned mentioned above. We have to install sdks according to the different platforms. Once we install sdk, the helpers will enable us to arrange the applications ease of distributions and allow the development of the cross platform web applications with much ease. The helpers make use of the command line to enable building the applications easily.

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