The Best Tools for Usability Testing!


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A poor user experience can ruin a product launch and the reputation of the company behind it. There are many great options to perform quick and easy usability tests using a variety of online tools. Here’s a list of top online tools for tracking your website’s usability-

Feedback Army

By charging a decent 15$ for 10 reviewers to answer around 4 to 6 questions on a URL, Feedback Army is the answer for getting a quick test done. This is basically a good option for starters who are interested to get a simple review at a nominal price.


Whether it is mouse movements or page scrolling or maybe typing, each and every action a user performs on your website can be tracked and recorded through Userfly. All it takes is pasting a single line of JavaScript to your header and the rest of the work is handled by UserFly, you just log in and check the replays. There is a free plan option where you can try out their service with 10 recordings a month. The cheapest plan being $ 10 per month for 100 captures! That’s a steal, right?

A video recording of people using your website! Now that’s cool! Moreover, there are filters through which you can choose your target audience, this includes the option to choose their gender, age, country, household income and technology (browser,OS,etc). Wow that’s comprehensive! The prices are a little steep, with the starting price of $39. But, try it as it is really good!


A simple tool that captures mouse movement and actions as they happen, by loading a simple JS file in your header. They are cheaper than UserFly, as in $5 you get 100 captures! That’s really cheap!

Crazy Egg

Heat seeking missiles firing away and heat signals being monitored. Is this about a Hollywood movie? NO! that’s Crazy Egg for you. The most popular service that helps you track where your users click using heat maps! Prices start at a nominal $9 per month, making it an affordable option.

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