Small Business Website Design in 2022


Small Business Website Trends Technology is changing daily and many things that used to be difficult are becoming much more effortless. This is the case in Small Business Web Design. The web is not a democratic place regarding findability on search engines, and a structured, planned approach is required for small businesses when they approach […]

5 web design trends that will stay till 2015

Here’s what we think will be the 5 web design trends in the coming months and what features will be the websites made ​​of in the coming months. 1) Sidebar, now occupies the entire page content One one hand, websites will be created more like applications and on the other hand it will force us […]

The 2013 year end report on Design trends

Design can make or break websites these days. But the problem is: It’s not always clear how to improve the design of web sites, mobile apps and connected devices. Is it just about making them cleaner, more streamlined, and less cluttered? Clean icons I’m purposely not calling these flat.Whether designers like it or not, iOS7′s […]