Some hard hitting facts about HTML5

HTML5 is the hottest topic in web development! As we have already discussed the advantages of HTML5 in the blog “HTML5- The new era has arrived“, it is time to discuss its shortcomings.

Browser compatibility issue

A comparative image showing HTML5 compatibility for different browsers.Image courtesy-
A comparative study image showing HTML5 compatibility for different browsers.
Image courtesy-

If we say that it is meant for modern browsers, it won’t be a wrong statement. There are few legacy IE versions which do not support the current HTML5 standard. However, the major browsers like the recent versions of Internet Explorer have HTML5 support.


URI was introduced to display the web pages properly even if the browser was having a hard time understanding a few elements of the coding. HTML does not have any URI which means that it won’t work with the browsers that are not compatible with HTML5.

HTML5 is a spec

Although parts of the language are very stable, the language itself is considered a work in progress, so there is a chance that any of the elements may change at any time. The language is not expected to be completed for several years, which complicates matters further.

Some old elements are retained

HTML5 retains a few old elements such as presentational elements which is not a sensible idea for practicing coding as it can appear very sloppy.

HTML5 is considered to be a great enhancement in the web development world. Obviously it consists of a few weak points but they are being worked on to make HTML5 perfect and compatible with the modern needs.

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