Start with a SEO strategy for your website

Experienced and skilled Search Engine Optimizer looks for each small and big things such as domain name, URLs, Images, Hosting, Meta tags etc. Here the first point is “Domain and URLs”. Domain name is the first impression for any business or website. Relevant and catchy domain names are easy to remember and so that to make a big brand like Google, Yahoo, Digg etc. A well defined domain name can provide tremendous advantage in getting top online position in Search Engines. There are many factors in Domains and URLs which can effect your Search Engine optimization.

Domain Name  

Suppose your business is about health, medicine, hospital etc then using words like “pharmacy”, “drug”, “pharma” “health” “medi” etc in the domain names are always better. And so if your business is about hosting and words like “domain”, “host”, “hosting” can easily indicates the niche of the business.

Domain Extensions

Domain extensions like .in,, .ca etc indicates about your country and region. Extensions, .edu, etc indicates the type of business. If you are an UK based company or have business in UK then having extension can tell this easily. And people can easily understand this. Using extensions like .edu tells that website or business is about Education and .gov for government.

Using .com extension is always better and most of people remember it easily. Many of them don’t know about .co, .uk, .in or .ca.

Domain Length

Length of domain name makes difference. If the length is more then it’s nearly impossible to remember them. Domain name mustn’t cross the number of 10-15 characters. After the name there comes extension so total it’s 20 characters long domain is good. For SEO point of view include the best keyword in the domain name for better SEO success. For an SEO company domain like or are always better.


One of the biggest thing is that your domain must behave like a brand. Using keywords and all other things can make it ugly. So use keywords and extension wisely to make a professional brand.

Symbols and Numbers in Domain

First thing try to avoid using numbers or symbols in the domain name. Hyphen (-) is SEO friendly so if the domain name is longer than 10-15 characters then use hyphen between the words.

Domain Age

Aged of the domain plays a vital role in Search Engine Rankings. Aged domains are trusted for search engines. So doing Search Engine Optimization on a aged domain will give more importance rather than a new domain.


Hosting is another factor. Dedicating hosting is always better. By sharing an IP with many other websites and blogs you’ll lose a bit of your own identity in front of search engines. By getting a dedicated IP you’ll be on your own, safe as long as you act fair.

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