News & Updates on Google Analytics – February 2015

Color Cuboid presents you with few updates by the Google Analytics which may be helpful to you in many ways to build you business and keep the performance of your websites high.

Trash Can: A New Creation by Google Analytics

Mistakes are made by everyone, some of which are damaging and seem to be irrecoverable like deleting of some crucial reporting information from Google analytics. This is a quite common mistake done by many people generally. After the mistake they struggle a lot to recover the data. To avoid this only google analytics has come up with something new that can help you to recover your deleted data or information.

To get started with it you need to navigate to the administrator tab, then select an account, and click the trash can feature on the left hand side of the panel. Now check out what is that you want to reclaim, and then click “ Restore”, and voila! Now you would find your view, property and account just same as before you have deleted it. Once it crosses 35 days that you have deleted it then there would be no use and the data will be gone even in the trash can also.

Google analytics has come up with this new idea so as to help its thousands of customers who rely on it for data and information. To learn more details about the Trash Can feature, please refer here

Instant Activation to Get Start Remarketing By Google Analytics

As we know that advertising and marketing play a very important role in either the success or failure of any business. This is very important for marketers to implement new things day to day. A part of the marketing activities is the remarketing, which has it’s own importance in the success of a business. For many advertisers remarketing is very important. But remarketing is really a tough task to go with even for the savviest marketers and advertisers. Because of this many advertisers keep tagging the hurdles.

They got to face many challenges and complexes while they think of going for remarketing.Google Analytics has come up with a new concept in order help the advertisers in this process of remarketing and also make them feel this task of remarketing easy with less hurdles and challenges. They have enabled remarketing with a single toggle, with which instead of manually updating all your sites you can use Instant Activation and get started with remarketing in four easy steps.I am sure you would be eager to know the four easy steps that would boost your business, to know in detail what the steps are and how to implement them you may visit here

 Add-ons For Google Sheets Would Simplify Your Google Analytics

Spreadsheets is a common tool that is preferred by the users of the Google Analytics so as to analyze their Google Analytics data or combine it with another data source. Exporting the data from Google Analytics to Google Sheets is a manual process which is tedious task if you are running reports frequently or managing multiple accounts.

Releasing Add-ons for your Google sheets would make it easier to get the Google analytics data into the Google sheets. Add-ons allow you to extend the power of Google Sheets by automating common tasks and integrating with external services. The Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on allows you to access your Google Analytics data, right from within a spreadsheet.

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To get to know even more about this benefits by add-ons for Google Sheets refer here

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