Benefits of Content Marketing Strategy for your Business

Content marketing is becoming much more than just a buzzword in the Internet marketing and SEO industries. Content marketing is a somewhat vast term that underscores a effective strategy to showcase business on the Web. In short, building outstanding content (whether in form of a video, article, blog post, or infographic) and marketing that content (whether through YouTube, StumbleUpon, or Facebook) provides a appropriate, cost-effective way to link with target audiences.

Even though content marketing provides plenty of benefits (some of which is currently extremely hard to monitor) there are 3 main advantages that your organization can realize:

Inbounding Visitors to Your Website
Developing Brand Recognition via Engagement
Creating Organic Link Reputation for SEO

Inbound Visitors to Your Website
One particular function of content marketing is to  bring inbound traffic to your website. This type of website traffic is one of a kind structured on the previous amount of interaction that users encounter. As long as you incorporate the right calls to action, the visitors that engage with your content will be far more likely to check out your website.

Developing Brand Recognition via Engagement
As the origins to inbound traffic, the viewers involvement with your content is what powers the connection. Here, high quality and relevance are of critical importance. Any content you post is a depiction of your company and its brand. Be innovative, but in a decent context that associates to your focus industry.

Creating Organic Link Reputation for SEO
When individuals link to good content it can generate a specific level of authority. The major measure of authority is generally between a range of 1-10 based on Google’s “PageRank” system. So a website with a PageRank (PR) 6 is regarded to be of very very high authority in comparison to a moderate PR 3. From a SEO perspective, if a website has a greater level of authority then the outbound links coming from that website will be much more effective.

So what does this signify in terms of content marketing? Consider your outstanding piece of content as a link resource for SEO. Through virtually any type of content, whether video, document or graphic, you can develop links back to your website. It’s thus important to have a cohesive content marketing strategy that brings it all together.

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