The importance of Usability Testing

Web designers and developers often forget that they are not typical users. Web coders have a far more extensive knowledge of the website they are developing than the average user is ever going to have. Website owners also forget that they are experts in their field and typically use jargon & assumptions that are alien to their customers. After working on a project for some time it is easy to forget that others are not so familiar with what you do, don’t understand your terminology or don’t follow your logic. There may be aspects of the website that seem obvious to you that might in fact be utterly confusing to your users. It is therefore important to take a step back from to time to time and make sure you don’t leave your users behind.

Usability Testing is an essential aspect of any user-centred approach that puts the user, rather than the website, at the center of the development process. Adopting such an approach advocates that the user should be foremost in any design decisions.

But why is it so essential for web design and what will it do for your business?

An efficient web page…

Allows clients (users) to accomplish their goals

Has a higher transformation rate

Satisfies company objectives

Provides a good product image

An efficient web page…

Provides solutions quickly

Follows a sensible sequence

Doesn’t spend resources

Needs less cms time

A pleased customer…

Accomplishes their goal

Loves their experience

Informs others

Comes back again

Usability testing will tell you where your website has possibilities for enhancing all of these factors, and in the process accomplish a higher ROI.

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