Web Usability-Enhanced!

What is the most fundamental characteristic of any productive web presence? What does it all finally come down to?

The answer may amaze you! To guarantee the results of your website, you just need to make your site visitors experience hassle-free and rewarding.
He must obtain the information he is searching for and this method must be straightforward and uncomplicated. That’s it!

“Hey I already know that! What’s the big deal?” This may be the first question popping up in your mind. Correct, it is a very fundamental aspect that generally all of us are aware of. But in the process of developing a website, occasionally we might forget about certain aspects about our website that might eliminate its “usability.” Here’s how to avoid this from happening-

Do not needlessly complicate matters!

Content and navigation are two things that should be brief and to the point. If a visitor to your site sees a labyrinth of directions between him and his desired information, he’ll simply go to some other website. Period.

The importance of self-explanatory web design

The visitor should be fully aware of where he is and what options he has to move forward. Your website must silently guide every footprint the  visitor makes, and abra kadabra, you have a sale!

Make them guess more and think less!

This practice of web users can be used to your advantage. By tactically positioning significant links at dominant places, you can maximize the probability of a user observing and following them.

Relevant options

No web page should be a dead end for your visitors, where they have no options to move forward. But at the same time, users must not be provided with choices that are not even remotely relevant to what they are searching for.


Search Feature- An absolute must!

For most web users, when absolutely nothing works, search does. Many web users look for a search box as soon as they enter a website. The search box must be a prominent feature on each of your pages and should be given a thought during web development for the “searchers” among your audiences.

To conclude, for a effective web presence, try to keep it legitimate and straightforward. People would be instantly drawn to your website if they can quickly look around and obtain the information needed.

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