E-Commerce trends 2013

E-commerce web designing in 2012 followed certain trends like responsive design, fixed site navigation etc. There may be a few more additions to these trends in this year. Below mentioned trends will be followed this year-

Simple designs

As people are being left with less time, simple designs that users can easily browse through, would be given a lot of importance. E-Commerce sites are less likely to be refreshed as frequently as they do now.

Visibility on other devices

2012 saw the rise of TV as a platform for advertising the E-Commerce companies. However, 2013 will see an increased rise and larger time-window on the television for selling things on E-Commerce platforms. And this will be not all, 2013 will see the adoption of Apps as an established way to sell things.

Increase in websites that Blog

Google are making it harder and harder for companies to use their old techniques to manipulate their way to the top of page 1. Blogging forces fresh content on to the site and encourages fresh unique content.  No doubt some will try to rehash other people’s material but largely if you keep to good blogging practices then you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

Large Images and Videos in the Banner

It is likely that you will see incorporation of videos and large images in the banners of E-Commerce websites. Accompanied with strong, compelling text content, this can go a long way in ensuring visitor retention like never before. However, you need to keep in mind so as not to spoil the loading speed of your website.

Modular Interface

A more modular approach such as that of the new Windows 8 will be taken by most E-Commerce websites. This could be attractive but be careful not to slow down the loading time of your website.

Social Media Integration

An option for users to manage their wish lists and shopping lists through social media is going to be incorporated in E-Commerce web designing. It will help optimize the products further on search engines and will provide exposure to more potential customers.


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