Google Glasses- Bringing Wearable Computing to the forefront

Google released a new video on Google Glass, which is now out of its project phase and ready to be released as a beta product.

Taking photos, recording videos, looking up answers on Google, showing reminders (such as for a flight) and sharing whatever you’re looking at(and many more features) either via messaging or through a Google+ Hangout, that’s what Google Glass is all about. Google Glass will also have an automatic picture-taking mode, snapping pics at a preset intervals (such as every 5 seconds).

Its only time that will judge how Google glasses will be able to adapt to day to day activities of users. As, everything you see will be seen by Google Glasses and the ability to process so much information will be something to look forward to. Also, impact of Google Glass on eye sight provides a grim picture.  Google is working on adaptable glasses that can be worn over normal spectacles or goggles for that matter.

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