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Web Usability-Enhanced!

What is the most fundamental characteristic of any productive web presence? What does it all finally come down to? The answer may amaze you! To

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Importance of Wireframing

One of the first steps in designing a website is Wireframing. It’s simply a hand-drawn or onscreen blueprint that represents the skeletal framework of a

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HTML5- The new era has arrived

HTML5 provides developers and website designers greater flexibility and allows websites to be more interactive, user-friendly and effective. HTML5 has arrived to help build ultra-modern

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Solving IE browser Compatibility issues

Every developer has been in this situation, after finishing the development of a site and  it is time–time for IE browser compatibility testing. After loading  the site in IE6/IE7/IE8 and everything looks out of position. Where do you start with IE Browser Compatibility? Most developers start making IE specific styles, some use JavaScript to detect the user’s browser,some uses css hacks etc.I am going to go through a few tips in trying to develop for IE Browser Compatibility

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